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Bird Member's

Hello members and new members!

               We are very excited for all of you to join us for this upcoming 2024-2025 bird season. In preparation for this new season, we are refining our member portal on our website to make it easier to navigate.

                Returning members will be using the same login information they were given last season. New members for this season will be given new login information before the season begins via email.

                The first day of this year’s hunting season is October 10th, 2024- March 16th, 2025.

                 We appreciate your patience, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you this upcoming season!

                  If you have any other questions or concerns about this upcoming season or your membership, please contact

BL (707) 374-5092

Instructions for using the Online Reservation System

Dashboard: Once you log in you will see your dashboard. Your dashboard has several sections:

  • Active Hunts: This section will show all of your future hunts.  You may book up to 3 separate hunt dates.  Once you've booked 3 separate hunt dates, you will not be able to book another date until you complete or cancel one of the hunts on the list.  All reservations must be booked a minimum of 36 hours in advance of the hunt.  This section also allows you to cancel any hunt.   When you cancel a hunt, the full amount paid will be credited to your "Credit Balance".  If you want a refund to your credit card, a 5% processing fee will be charged.  All cancelations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the scheduled hunt to receive a full “Credit Balance” or a credit card refund. To avoid unnecessary cancelations, review and confirm all hunt information is correct before selecting pay.

  • Credit Balance: This section shows your credit balance.  You can optionally make a cash or check payment before or during the season to establish a credit that can be used towards future hunts.  Your credit balance will increase if you to cancel an existing hunt.  If you have a remaining credit balance at the end of the season, you can keep that balance on account or use that balance toward next year’s membership dues.  

  • Liability Release Waiver Status: This section will let you know if you have signed your waiver for the current season.  You will have an opportunity to sign your waiver electronically after you book your first hunt.  You will only need to do this once per season.  All guests will also need to sign a waiver and will be able to do this electronically prior to their hunt or at the front counter during the check in process.  We recommend taking care of this before the hunt to save time at check-in.

  • Profile: This section shows your contact info, emergency contact info, and optional information such as the name of your spouse, children and your dog’s name and breed.  For multiple children and dogs, please separate the names with a comma in this section.  Click the "Edit Profile" button to update this information.

  • Vehicle Info: Please enter your vehicle info here by clicking the "Edit Vehicles" button.  You may enter as many vehicles as you need and put them in any order.  It is very important for us to know which vehicles have permission and will be on BL property.  We recommend filling this section out prior to booking your first hunt.

Instructions for Booking your Hunt

Step 1: Book a New Hunt - To book your hunt, start by clicking the "Book a New Hunt" button on the "Active Hunts" section of the dashboard. You will see a calendar showing the current month and it will allow you to scroll through the upcoming months of the season.  It will show all open dates for AM hunts, Open Roam hunts, and PM Hunts (VIP members only). If you are logged in on your mobile phone, you will see a list of dates instead of the calendar. To view in calendar format, rotate your phone.

Step 2: Hunting Dog Options - You can either select "I’ll Bring my Own Dog” or “I need to Rent a Dog”.  If you are renting a dog, you may select from all of the dogs available the day of your hunt. Currently, if you need to request a Dog and Handler, please call BL at (707) 374-5092 to proceed further with your reservation.

Sept 3: Select an Open Field - For an AM or PM Hunt (VIP members only), you will select the field you would like to hunt. You can view the map of the property on the side of this page or below this page on your phone.  Select an open field from the list. You will be able to see the # of hunters that each field can accommodate.  Open fields will be displayed in green and closed/reserved fields are displayed in gray.  For an Open Roam hunt, a field selection is not required.

Step 4: Hunt Details - Enter the number of hunters, non-hunters and # of pheasants you are purchasing for your hunt.   For AM or PM (VIP members only) hunts, you can reserve a minimum of 3 pheasants or more.  Open Roam hunts will require you to pick your estimated start time.  For General Members booking an Open Roam Hunt you will be charged the 2-bird minimum booking fee. For VIP Members booking an Open Roam Hunt no booking fees apply.   Any birds harvested above and beyond the booking will be charged at your member rate upon check out. Currently to reserve a chukar only hunt or add chukar to an existing hunt, please call BL at (707) 374-5092.  PM chukar hunts are available for both the General and VIP members

Step 5: Hunter Names - Enter the names of all the hunters and non-hunters in your party.  You MUST enter the names of every member of your party to continue.  Use the "Click to Add" buttons to specify the name of each guest in your party. You only need to add each guest once as the reservation system will remember all of your guests.  If you will be hunting with another Birds Landing Member or a guest who is already in the reservation system, you can search for them by last name and add them to your hunt.

Step 6: Confirm & Pay - Please review and confirm all hunt details before you pay.   When entering the expiration date of your credit card, be sure to use two digits for the month and four digits for the year. Once a credit card has been used to book a hunt, you will be able to re-book using that same credit card. You can also enter a new credit card number to reserve a hunt.  If you have a “Credit Balance”, you may use it to book a new hunt.  Once your booking is complete you will receive a confirmation email from  The hunt will also appear on your member dashboard.

Liability Release Waivers – When you receive your confirmation email you will have the ability to visit the Guest Reservation Center to electronically sign your liability release waiver and share this waiver with your guests prior to your hunt. Every hunter/non-hunter must have a signed waiver on file to go into the field.  Waivers will also be available to sign at the front counter upon check in. Save time and sign electronically before your hunt. A new waiver must be signed each year and will remain on file for the season.  

You are now ready to book your first hunt! 

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