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Habitat Management

Birds Landing is nestled in between the Montezuma Slough and the Montezuma Hills on the eastern edge of the Suisun Marsh. Birds Landing Hunting Preserve offers over 1,000 huntable acres which are solely used for the pursuit of upland birds. 


From its inception in 1981, Birds Landing Hunting Preserve’s goal has been to develop and maintain perfect cover. Never used for cash-crop farming or livestock grazing, this property is a bird hunter’s paradise.  The terrain is gentle with a variety of open fields, maintained ponds, vegetative ditches and pockets of thick grasses all of which creates an environment for any hunter’s preference. 


A portion of the property can be flood irrigated using a series of water conveyance ditches to fill multiple ponds which assures proficient cover year-round. Our precise control of water throughout the year has allowed us to combat the seasonably warm summers and wet winters of the Northern California landscape. In addition to our irrigation strategy, we continually combat the difficult weeds that have invaded Northern California such as the Russian Thistle. Birds Landing works year-round to maintain safe and excellent field conditions for both the hunter and their trusted dog.


What sets Birds Landing Hunting Preserve apart is our commitment to innovate the upland bird hunting experience.  Currently we are in the research and development phase of our exclusive Bird Redirection System (BRS). A pheasant’s first line of defense is to run before flying. The BRS is being designed and developed to halt & change its path.  Only time and persistence will help fine tune the BRS, however it reflects our dedication to the membership to provide a quality hunting facility year after year. Request a field with the new BRS today to experience the difference.


Our focus on habitat management has and will always be one of Birds Landing’s highest priorities. We provide a variety of field sizes and many conveniently located parking lots throughout the property to create both field diversity and easy access. You can count on Birds Landing to continually strive to provide the safest and most successful hunting experiences for our valued members, families and guests.

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