Birds Landing Bird Card Application
Please Mail to:
Birds Landing Hunting Preserve
2099 Collinsville Rd  Birds Landing, CA 94512
or Fax to (707) 374-2814

Company Name:    (if applicable)

Street Address:

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Home Phone:               Daytime Phone: 

Type of Card:          Price:  $

Pre-Paid Picking (# of birds x $3.00):  $        Total Due:  $

Payment Method:     Cash:       Check: 
Visa / MC # 
   Exp:  3 Digit Security Code

Billing Address (If different from above):

Street Address: 

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Check here if rental dog needed          Recommended by: 
Membership cards, along with a copy of current rules and regulations, may be
picked up at the clubhouse on the member's first hunt of the season.
Membership cards will not be mailed out.
Card holder must accompany all guests.
For office use only

Approved By:______________      Date:________    Bonus:________    Check#:__________
       Fill out form, print, then mail or fax to Birds Landing Sporting Clays for processing.